It's time to explore. Your next customer could be next door.


Get chatting to businesses around the corner, share information, create offers and find out what’s happening in your local area.


Scroll through your newsfeed to see what’s happening in your area, most relevant to you, live in real time.


Search businesses and employees in your local area within the default 1 mile radius.


Instant messaging available once both profiles accept the connection request. Then you are Discovrers and free to communicate!


Let your circle know what's happening in your work life through sharing live stories.

How it works

We've made it very easy and simple to join Discovrus. There's no time to waste, business awaits.


Create your profile

Let us know if you’re an individual or a business


Start posting

Choose whether you want to share a picture, some text or a video


Select reach

Choose how far you want your post to go so that only those local to you get to see it.

Best Features

Our team have carefully designed the Discovrus platform to be the business social network where you can share and receive information about your local area in real time.

Local Newsfeed

See posts on your newsfeed within a 1 mile radius of your current location, always in real time.

Share a story

Post a live story anytime. This will reach all the contacts following you and local business to you at the time of posting.

Your Map

Click the map icon for a visual format of the businesses local to you. Searching on the map is categorised by: Business, Individual or Post.

Instant Message

Our platform creates an online business community for you. Simply follow a profile to share messages.

Awesome Screenshots

Get a feel of the app.

Frequently asked questions

We've answered some questions which may come to your mind. Feel free to have a read.

Discovrus is a Hyperlocal social network that allows you to share & connect with neighbouring businesses and lets you find out what’s going on in your local area.

You are missing out on convenient opportunities that are simply on your doorstep.

You need to be a part of a company in order to join. Either an employee or the current business owner. As long as you are able to verify where you work, you will have no problems signing up!

That's ok, as long as you have a valid email address that is associated with a company you work for, you can join.

Yes, On signup you will be sent a verification code to your work email address to validate who you are.

The discovrus social network is free to join.

If you are having issues signing up, simply send us an email on the following email address and someone will get back to you asap. However do make sure that the email address you have provided is yours and currently valid. info@discovrus.com


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